Explore Knysna’s forest and gold country.

Lace up your boots or get on your bike to explore the forests of Knysna surrounding Rheenendal. With many trails and tracks snaking through the mysterious forests, places like Bibby’s Hoek and Jubilee Creek – and many more – present gateways to Knysna’s famous forest.

Weekend warriors and serious hikers and single track MTB enthusiasts will revel in the adrenaline pumping adventure of speeding through centuries old fern glades and forests, while friends and families will enjoy quality time spent in nature with easy walks or group rides. Remember to pack your sandwiches and coffee for mystical meals under giant trees, but also remember to make use of the conveniently placed trash bins.

Be on the lookout for colourful birds like the Knysna Loerie as well as shy deer and other small mammals, keep an eye on the mischievous monkeys and baboons and an eye out for our hide-and-seek champions, the Knysna elephants. And tread lightly for the Cape leopards roaming the area …

Then explore the other attractions along the Rheenendal Ramble. These include quaint tea gardens and restaurants, artists’ studios, honey farmers, mushroom growers, ice cream makers, charcutiers, cheesemakers and dairy farmers.

Rheenendal’s Millwood Forest was proclaimed as South Africa’s first gold field in 1887, during the Knysna gold rush. Explore the streams that carried the gold to our forests, visit the Millwood Village – a veritable ghost town – to learn more about the rush, and go underground at the Millwood Mines – keep your eyes peeled for anything that glitters!

You might not want to share your new-found gold nugget with the world, but share your Rheenendal forest adventures with us by making use of the #ExploreKnysna hashtag.