“I started flying hang gliders in 1986 and immediately fell in love with this dreamy world up in the clouds. Ever since then it has been my life’s ambition to share this awesome world with others. Feel the sensation of magic as we shed the bonds of gravity and embrace a dreamy freedom – nothing gives me greater pleasure in seeing the joy on our clients faces as they experience the surreal world of flying like a bird.”

Johan Anderson is a National A-grade Instructor with Instructor ratings for Hang gliding, Paragliding and Microlight WCM aircraft (The only pilot to hold Instructor ratings in all three disciplines!). He has won the National HG Championships 6 times, has thousands of flying hours, all of which translates to unrivalled experience ready to be channelled into your training and flying experience. Choose Johan and his team to introduce you to their play-ground in the sky today!

Operational areas: 3 main flying sites – Map of Africa, Wilderness Coastal cliffs and Cloud 9 Sedgefield.

Operating hours: 9 till sunset – weather dependent.

Bookings essential

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