Welcome to the Magic Lagoon Charters Experience

Take two discerning entrepreneurs with a passion for perfection and a love of nature, add a touch of magic, and you have an unrivalled Boat Charter Company operating from one of the most idyllic harbours in the world.  This is how Magic Lagoon Charters came into being – what started as a dream for the 2 men became a reality for everyone to enjoy.

Introducing “Sophia”

Built using old classic boat building techniques combined with modern technology is what makes Sophia such a stellar boat when compared to the boats used by many other Charter Companies. A superior top of the line first class boat that will appeal to people who enjoy the finer things in life.

Sophia is a 1940’s Barrel Back based on a Chris Craft design. These boats were originally built as runabouts and gentleman racers. It has a 4.3 L V6 engine with a top speed of around 50 kph. The interior is fitted with genuine leather and the deck is made from African Mahogany and Maple Wood.

The style and hull shape was designed for inland and protected waterways which makes Sophia the perfect boat for the Knysna Lagoon.

“Elegance” is a classic timber boat, 43 feet on deck, gaff-rigged ketch of considerable charm and seaworthiness modelled on the Scottish North Sea fishing boats.  Conceived as a “gentleman’s fishing yacht” in 1932; and

“Coquette” originally built by Salters of Oxford in 1920 as an Oxford varsity coaching launch.  The 39 ft length and underwater profile guarantee speed without wash which is the ideal combination for chartering on the Knysna Estuary – soon to be added to the fleet!

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